Selling a License

Become multilingual and international!

So you already have a great online course, but enrolment has dropped?
Take your course to the world!

Here at CourseXchange you will find colleagues and partners from all corners of the planet who would like to translate and transfer your course into their mother tongue so they can market them in the countries and regions they know well.

Sell them a language license and multiply your earnings!

Buying a License

A good copy is better than a bad original

There are already tens of thousands of online courses out there – on thousands of different topics!
So before you go through all that work of designing, developing and producing your own product, why not first check on CourseXchange? Maybe a similar course already exists. And you can see how successful it is in its original version.

If it has attracted lots of buyers – acquire the language license and transfer it into your mother tongue!

Make more money with less effort!

Marketing the Modules

Add Value to Your Online Course!

Countless graphics, sounds, videos and animations have been produced for thousands of online courses … with lots of effort and imagination.
Much of this material is unique and usable only for your particular course, but many of these little gems would surely attract considerable interest from colleagues and partners around the world.

CourseXchange is your market place for anything you want to buy or sell.

Profit From Your Talents!